Eddie Wizzy Gives Reasons For Unfollowing Nigerian Artists


Eddie Wizzy, a Ugandan dancer and video vixen, believes it is time to stop promoting Nigerian music and start promoting our own Ugandan music.

For several years, there has been discussion about why music from Nigeria and South Africa dominates local playlists and music charts.

Many factors are frequently brought up to explain the situation. Copyright, music quality, population differences, funding, distribution, and professionalism have all been mentioned.

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However, according to Okuni Edward a.k.a. Eddie Wizzy, Ugandans have simply refused to abandon foreign music in order to support their own.

In order to launch his own campaign to support Ugandan musicians, the popular choreographer decided to stop dancing to Nigerian music.

Eddie Wizzy revealed on his social media platforms that he will only be dancing to Ugandan music from now on.

FROM TODAY! Am only dancing to Ugandan music for promos. We need to support and love each other regardless. Nigerians have done enough inspiration. Letssssssss go Ugandaaaaaaaaaa. God bless me.


He also unfollowed all Nigerian celebrities on social media and vowed never to dance to their music in his video promos again.
Several Ugandan music critics have already criticized Wizzy’s remarks, believing that they will not solve the problem at hand.

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