Can the Uganda National Musicians Federation Overcome the Cycle of Disunity?

About a week ago, a significant event took place within the Ugandan music industry. Artists from across the nation joined forces, forming a unified faction to address the challenges they face. This newly formed collective came to be known as the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), spearheaded by Eddy Kenzo as President and Sheebah Karungi as Vice President.

However, rumors have been circulating that the federation’s establishment is a facade, concealing ulterior motives of deceiving the government and exploiting funds meant for musicians. These speculations have cast a shadow of doubt over the intentions of the UNMF.

Among those left out of the federation was singer Ibrahim Mayanja, famously known as Big Eye. Feeling excluded and discontented, he openly threatened to confront the federation, criticizing their lack of transparency and loyalty to their fellow artists.

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Budding singer Alien Skin was approached to share his perspective on the newly formed artists federation. Much like Big Eye, he held the same viewpoint. Alien Skin firmly stated that unity among Ugandan artists is an unattainable dream. He elaborated on his belief, expressing that once the federation fulfills its primary objective, the artists involved will disperse and engage in a blame game, holding each other accountable for their missteps.

Moreover, Alien Skin disclosed his concerns regarding the federation’s future. He foresees a day when it will fracture and crumble entirely, similar to the fate of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA). His apprehensions stem from an understanding that the inherent disunity among artists will eventually fracture the foundations of the UNMF.

As the music industry eagerly watches the progress of the Uganda National Musicians Federation, it remains to be seen whether it will succeed in addressing the challenges faced by artists or succumb to the internal divisions that plague previous attempts at unity.

Ultimately, the fate of the UNMF lies in the hands of its leaders, Eddy Kenzo and Sheebah Karungi. Will they prove the skeptics wrong and foster a genuine sense of unity, or will the rumors of deception and self-interest prove to be true? Time will tell the true nature and fate of the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

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