Artists from Eastern Uganda Raise Doubts on Uganda National Musicians Federation Leadership

A group of talented artists hailing from Eastern Uganda have recently sparked controversy by questioning the credibility of the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) and its elected leaders.

According to these artists, both Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool are undeserving of their respective positions within the federation. Expressing their concerns, the artists openly declared their lack of trust in Bebe Cool’s ability to handle the finances, fearing potential misappropriation of funds.

To further challenge the elected leaders, the artists dared Eddy Kenzo to articulate the federation’s objectives and even offered a significant sum of one million shillings if he could accurately spell out “UNMF” and outline its formation process.

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They specifically targeted Eddy Kenzo, labeling him as a school dropout who lacks the necessary understanding of technical aspects and the intricacies of a federation. They emphasized their refusal to accept him as the president due to his perceived lack of qualifications.

In their scathing critique, the artists also took aim at Bebe Cool, accusing him of being a disruptive force responsible for the downfall of the Uganda Musician’s Association (UMA). They highlighted his penchant for negativity towards the music industry and fellow artists, going as far as not releasing any new music for a three-year period. Consequently, they urged him to distance himself from matters pertaining to Ugandan music.

Despite the controversies surrounding the leadership, the federation has witnessed a growing number of established artists joining its ranks. Each passing day sees more musicians aligning themselves with the UNMF, indicating a promising trajectory for the organization.

As the debate over the leadership of the Uganda National Musicians Federation rages on, it remains to be seen how these concerns will be addressed and if the elected leaders can alleviate the doubts cast upon them. The future of the federation hinges on its ability to foster unity and provide a platform that genuinely supports and uplifts the artistic community it represents.

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