Bruno K Turns to Massaging Bootylicious Women as he Struggles to Make Ends Meet

We live in difficult times, and people will always do whatever it takes to make ends meet, even if it means taking on jobs that aren’t in their field of expertise. Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll, and as a result, many people have lost jobs. That would otherwise provide for their daily needs.

Bruno Kiggundu, popularly known as Bruno K, is no exception to this bleak reality. As the music industry in which he works has been closed for at least two years.

Concerts, which are musicians’ main source of income, have been banned as a measure to combat the spread of the deadly Covid-19. Which can only mean that maintaining their lavish lifestyle will become extremely difficult.

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A few forward-thinking artists, such as Bruno K, have turned to side hustles to supplement their meager incomes. As a way of tying up loose ends and possibly balancing books of accounts.

Bruno K, in addition to venturing into farming and online music promotion, has offered to give mind-blowing massages to corporate women. To whom their husbands do not meet the standard of rubbing off work-related stress and body pain.

The fast-rising R&B singer took to Instagram to share a photo of himself giving a deep massage to a saucy babe wrapped in a light blue sheet.

  • Bruno massaging

He then captioned the photo with what appeared to be an advertisement for the company for which he currently works. “Ladies if you happen to pass by @spamaniawellness (Freedom City Branch) before this month ends, chances are high that am going to be the one to work on you. To book a session with us call or whatsapp.”

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