Bruno K Faces Backlash Amidst Pregnancy Controversy With Dorah | Video

Bruno K Faces Backlash Amidst Pregnancy Controversy With Dorah

Singer Bruno K, also known as Bruno Kiggundu, finds himself embroiled in a whirlwind of controversy, as damning screenshots circulating on social media have placed him in an unfavorable spotlight. A short while ago, Bruno K was romantically involved with Dorah, a Mukono-based businesswoman. Screenshots and audio recordings have emerged, shedding light on a complex financial relationship between the two.

It appears that Dorah had been providing financial support to Bruno K for various expenses, ranging from hair repairs to car fuel and even his music career. However, trouble brewed in paradise when Dorah revealed that she was pregnant with Bruno K’s child, a revelation that didn’t sit well with the singer. He accused Dorah of exploiting his fame to secure a baby without his consent.

Their disagreement escalated, leading Dorah to take matters into her own hands by sharing a trove of evidence on social media. She unveiled WhatsApp conversations, pregnancy test results, intimate photos, videos, and audio recordings that implicated Bruno K.

Dorah alleges that Bruno K was primarily interested in her money and underwent a drastic personality shift when the financial support ceased. This isn’t the first time Bruno K has faced such accusations; a few months prior, Vanessa accused him of fathering a child named Seth Kiggundu and being an absentee father.

In the wake of this controversy, Bruno K’s reputation is hanging in the balance, and the public awaits his response to these startling revelations.

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