Bobi Wine Breaks Silence About His Son Solomon Kampala Possessing And Abusing Drugs | Video

A few weeks ago, several media outlets and social media platforms reported that National Unity Platform (NUP) President and former Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala had been suspended from school for drug possession.

The news was confirmed by a statement from St. Mary’s College, Kisubi headmaster Brother Deodati Aganyira, who confirmed the allegation of drug possession and subsequent suspension. Mr. Kyagulanyi made no statement in that story.

Bobi Wine rapped the headmaster, Brother Aganyira, at the Saturday parents Annual General Meeting (AGM). He however stated that he had long been discriminatory towards his son Solomon Kampala.

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Bobi Wine, who received a standing ovation from fellow parents, recounted how the head teacher once prevented his teenage son from running for a prefectural position.

“We had agreed that everything remains between us without anything leaking out and that’s why I never said anything to the public even when I have plenty of access to the media as you all know. Since it’s the head teacher who recently spoke to the media, let me also make my case.” According to Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine Addressing Issues About His Son Solomon Kampala At SMACK

“I was told by the head teacher that my son wasn’t an A but an average student who can’t be cleared to stand for a leadership position. I was hurt because we all train our children to become leaders. It was also said that popular students like him can’t be allowed to stand.Bobi Wine said, almost tearfully, in the midst of a rousing round of applause from parents.

He claimed that his child had always told him that he was being targeted and stigmatized. But he chose not to believe him at first because “sometimes teenagers lie.”

He claimed that even as a parent, he had been stigmatized by the school, whose top management had always advised him to avoid school functions for fear of attracting “unnecessary attention.”

The NUP Principal stated that he had always adhered to that gentleman’s agreement by staying away. But was recently shocked when the same head teacher spoke to the media justifying his son’s two-week suspension from school on the grounds that he had been found in possession of drugs (weed).

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