Battle Of Titans: Kasese Trending Video Brings Controversial Fight | Video

It appears that the renowned national tour is still ongoing. Everyone praised the woman’s deep bwaguuga for swallowing such a large cassava as the video clips from Kabale, Ndejje, and now Kasese trending have all been posted on Twitter.

When the Kasese video appeared on social media, it created a stir since so many people were searching for it and spreading it worldwide. The video ended up in the in different social media platforms where revelers gathered to talk about it.

Another mouthwatering video of the forbidden fruit being chewed has already engulfed us. This is now known as the Kasese tape, and everyone is desperately looking for it. The Kasese trending video tape has brought controversial fight on social media as people have even started recording songs praising her for swallowing that big and long cassava.

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The Kasese people, however, called upon all other regions to keep quiet as they are the best at this thing of swallowing cassavas. This prompted other trending videos from other regions like Bushenyi, Ndejje, and Kabale, which they now say are not of any match to the Kasese trending video.

These trending videos have made social media in-laws to spend sleepless nights searching from all corners of the internet but some have failed as others say they will not share due to the new signed computer miss use act in action.

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