All Men Who Date Sheilah Gashumba Fail In Life – Peng Peng

Peng Peng, also known as Raymond Soulfa, a blogger, has attacked socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba on his Facebook page, accusing her of causing enmity between her boyfriend Rickman Manrick and Crysto Panda.

Panda launched the attack in response to Gashumba’s criticism of his music.

Crysto Panda was advised by the self-proclaimed Lil Stunner to stop singing about trending words, claiming that his music is not fit for public consumption. Panda responded by advising her to pass her advice on to her boyfriend Manrick, who also sings about the same subject.

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Sheilah, according to Peng Peng, is causing unnecessary friction between Panda and Rickman.

“Crysto Panda is a big household name compared to my brother Rickman but I have known crystal Panda for a while since his childhood, muvubuka mupambanyi unlike Manrick Rickman I met in Sweden 7 years back. Both Crystal Panda and Rickman are silent dudes Ela sibantalo but here is the problem. Nalumyanso(Sheilah)! Young Nalumanso,” Peng stated.

Peng Peng Facebook live

Peng explained that Rickman is under the control of the NBS After 5 show host.

“Dating a man and you see him as your won creation is something bad for a man with a career. Nalumyanso should focus on fashion otherwise she can never Ela nkidamu Nalumyanso has no influence in the Uganda music industry. This is a young girl taking advantage of upcoming musicians, using them olumala nabasulawo,” Peng Peng.

Furthermore, he emphasized that all of the men who date her fail in their careers.

“When young Mulo was trending with “Tebamusobola nawe” , Nalumyanso danced him. Where is badman gadget today? What happened to this self proclaimed UK kijambiya Dude with a Vietnamese accent I hear ‘Devil’s plan’? They even had a TV show byakomawa? Yes, she is an influencer when it comes down to fashion and selling non premium liquor to desperate socialites/Nkuba Kyeeho trying to love beyond their means in an event dubbed showbiz,” He was agitated.

He suggested that men with jobs should just have sex and ignore the media personality.

“Nalumyanso okumusomola mukubemu one touch tomudira you will be prosperous like File Fameica otherwise she will put you head on her leash nga embwa, akwambaze ebisimuula mbu akufude model uhm,” He counseled.

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