Nince Henry Releases Visuals For Abalungi Baweddeyo Featuring Bad Black And Hubby Asha Panda

Singer and Songwriter Nince Henry has unveiled the captivating visuals for his latest musical masterpiece, “Abalungi Baweddeyo.” This track marks his first release under the management of his newly signed record label.

Just a few weeks ago, renowned talent managers Kama Ivien and Arafaty Baddest joined forces to establish a groundbreaking artist management record label called Untouchable Music Management. In their official announcement, they proudly revealed that Nince Henry and Kapa Cat were among the artists they would be representing.

Wasting no time, they immediately set their plans in motion by arranging for Nince Henry to record and shoot the music video for his newest song, “Abalungi Baweddeyo.”

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Adding an element of surprise to the video, controversial socialite Bad Black and her husband Asha Panda were featured. Their remarkable performances in the video have sparked widespread excitement on social media, showcasing their exceptional chemistry.

The visuals for “Abalungi Baweddeyo” are a stunning representation of beauty in its most satisfying form. The credit for this remarkable production goes to Jah Live Films, responsible for the shooting and direction, while the audio was masterfully produced by Nessim Pan Production.

Furthermore, we’ve received exclusive information that Nince Henry is set to release yet another sensational track titled “Genda Genda” in less than a week’s time.

Already, the visuals for “Abalungi Baweddeyo” are gaining immense popularity on YouTube, as fans eagerly watch and share the captivating music video. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary visual experience – click here to watch them now!

In conclusion, Nince Henry’s collaboration with Untouchable Music Management has resulted in an exceptional musical journey. With the release of “Abalungi Baweddeyo” and the promise of more incredible music to come, Nince Henry is undoubtedly on the path to greater success under his new management. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases and witness the magic unfold!

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