Kama Ivan and Arafat Baddest Merge to Form Record Label

Talent management is a key component of the music industry, and when two talent managers merge, it can create a major shakeup. That’s precisely what’s happened in Uganda, where Kama Ivan of Kama Ivien Management Company Ltd and former Feffe Bussi manager Arafat Baddest have joined forces to form one record label.

The decision to merge came after Arafat Baddest cut ties with rapper Feffe Bussi, who recently announced his new management. Arafat Baddest shared a common goal with Kama Ivan, who had just signed singer Nince Henry to his record label. By combining their talents and resources, the two record labels have become one entity known as ‘Untouchable Music Management.’

The news of the merger was quickly announced on social media by Kama Ivan and Arafat Baddest, who promised to reveal the number of artists under their label within seven working days. Their goal is to form one of the strongest record labels in Uganda, and they’re determined to make great musicians in the country.

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Kama Ivan expressed his excitement about the merger, saying, “Regardless, we move…am here to make an official announcement that Arafat joined forces with Kama Ivien Management to make the strongest record label in Uganda. We are also delighted to tell you that we are set to reveal the number of artists we are managing within 7 days and we are aiming to make the greatest musicians in this country.”

The merger of Kama Ivien Management Company and Arafat Baddest’s management company is significant for the music industry in Uganda. With the combined expertise and resources of these two talented managers, there is no doubt that their label will become a major player in the industry.

In conclusion, the merger of Kama Ivan and Arafat Baddest to form Untouchable Music Management marks a new chapter in the Ugandan music industry. Their pledge to create great musicians in the country is admirable, and we look forward to seeing the impact of their efforts.


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