Vivian Tendo Breaks the Stigma: Getting Married Doesn’t Jeopardize an Artist’s Fanbase

The entertainment industry is rife with critics and their opinions on what an artist should or should not do. One common piece of advice given to established artists is to avoid getting married, as it could potentially cause them to lose their fanbase. However, singer Vivian Tendo disagrees with this notion and believes that it is simply propaganda.

Tendo, who got engaged in January, asserts that the narrative against marriage is created to negatively influence society and create a stigma against it. She believes that many artists are bound to pressure and live by public influence due to this stigma, fearing that they may lose their fanbase if they choose to get married.

The former Route Entertainment singer then goes on to provide examples of successful local and international artists who have gotten married midway through their careers, such as Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Rema, and Cindy in Uganda, Nameless and Wahu in Kenya, and Jay-Z and Beyonce in the USA.

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Tendo encourages artists to not take public opinions seriously and to rather follow their goals and build their families how they envision them. She emphasizes the importance of letting relationships be private but not a secret, and celebrating marriage and family without fear of how neighbors or fans may feel or say.

Furthermore, Tendo encourages female artists to build their family and career legacy with solid affirmation and enthusiasm. She even suggests having a side gig other than music as a wise move.

It’s important to remember that artists are human and have personal lives beyond their music. Getting married and building a family should not be seen as a hindrance to their career, but rather a personal choice that they have every right to make. As Vivian Tendo suggests, let’s encourage artists to live their lives authentically and build their legacies on their own terms.

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