Ugandan Comedian Akite Agnes Brutalized in Robbery After Show | Video

Ugandan Comedian Akite Agnes Brutalized in Robbery After Show

In a shocking turn of events, renowned Ugandan female comedian Akite Agnes became the victim of a brutal assault and robbery on Friday morning. The incident unfolded just after her triumphant performance at Loggin in Najjera. As she approached her residence, unidentified thugs ambushed Akite at her gate, subjecting her to a merciless attack.

The criminals not only caused severe injuries but callously pilfered her personal belongings, including her phone and valuables from her bag. The assault left Akite Agnes with head injuries that necessitated immediate medical attention. She was promptly rushed to the hospital, where the severity of her wounds required stitches for closure.

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Despite the ordeal, Akite’s resilience shines through. After being discharged from the hospital, she is now convalescing at home, focusing on both physical healing and emotional recovery from the traumatic incident. The comedy community is reeling from the news, expressing deep sorrow and outrage at the audacity of the criminals.

Dickson Zizinga, a fellow comedian, voiced his disbelief and concern, questioning whether the assailants had already profited from their criminal activities. In a show of solidarity, Zizinga offered prayers for swift apprehension and full consequences for the perpetrators.

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Additionally, he extended heartfelt wishes for Akite’s speedy recovery, echoing the sentiments of the entire comedy industry. Finally, as Ugandan comedian Akite Agnes bravely confronts the aftermath of this harrowing experience, the comedy community rallies behind her, united in support and hopeful for justice to be served swiftly.

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