Two Fans Fight Over David Lutalo On Stage | Video


Two women nearly removed each other’s eyes from singer David Lutalo, leaving him and his fans stunned.

The two women are seen in the viral video attempting to reach the stage to hug and dance with the sensational singer at a show that took place last weekend.

The shameless women were fortunate in that they were able to approach kapapala singer on stage.

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At first, it appeared that Lutalo’s fans would have a good time dancing with him on stage, but the story changed when these two babes, one of whom was identified as Nakijjoba Ruth, took control of Lutalo.

Ruth turned hOrny and began pushing her fellow woman away from the singer as everything was going swimmingly. This is where the hell began.

Ruth slapped her fellow fan hard and pushed her, causing her nose and teeth to bleed. Event bouncers kept the two apart.

However, David Lutalo was busy entertaining his fans with his hits at the time of the incident.

Click her to watch fans fight for David Lutalo

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