Three Major NUP members will Soon Join NRM – Rogers Mulindwa Confirms

According to NRM spokesman Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM is about to capture several big fish from NUP. Political parties have been strengthening themselves at the cost of others for a very long time. This is accomplished by luring some of the most powerful figures from the opposition political groups. Mulindwa, a recurring figure in the NRM, claims that they are in communication with these NUP members.

Mulindwa continued by saying that this opposition was founded on hatred. In addition, he accused the opposition of not accepting loss like the NRM does. Mulindwa used the Lord Mayor’s seat as an example, where they consistently concede defeat to Erias Lukwago.

“Three ‘major’ NUP members will soon join NRM, I swear to you. We have certain persons in NUP we are discussing with. On hatred, the Besigyes erected their resistance. They never proposed anything, and all they ever said was that they would overthrow Museveni. Since the 2000s, they have made this promise,” according to Rogers Mulindwa on the NBS Eagle.

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On the same program, Kibanda North County MP Linos Ngompek similarly downplayed the impact of the opposition. He said that as the NRM, they are not aware of the opposition’s existence. He claims that the circumstances in the 11th Parliament are exactly the same as they were in the previous one.

Ngompek also made note of the fact that these opposition parties avoid IPOD meetings. But every time the cash is made available, they happily turn up to get it.

“The opposition never shows up when it comes to IPOD, but when money arrives into their accounts, they choose it.” In the meanwhile, the Bobi Wine-led party is also angling for support from other opposition political groups as NRM plans to fish from NUP.

The fact that the Kamwokya-based party stole two FDC stalwarts is no longer a secret. These people include Habib Buwembo and one Kajambiya, who have both made significant contributions to the FDC cause. This has drawn criticism from a number of individuals who claim it makes no sense. They fail to understand how parties with a same objective may undermine one another.

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