Stella Nyanzi Confesses To Bobi Wine Over Scorning On Social Media

Dr Stella Nyanzi has stunned social media users by sending a heartfelt open letter to his colleague and artist Bobi Wine.

Nyanzi stated in the letter that she wishes to reaffirm her love for Bobi and his admiration for her.

“You are my little brother of the buffalo clan if the Baganda of Buganda. Tweddira Mbogo. And this cultural fact will never change,” She said.

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Nyanzi also recalled how she slammed Bobi Wine in a number of social media posts.

“Earlier this year, I vehemently, persistently, variously and publicly criticized, mocked, and ridiculed your leadership, your performance, and your style. I was hard hitting. I was harsh. I was ferocious. I was truthful. I was unrelenting,” Nyanzi.

She stated that, despite being a member of a different political party, she cannot stop admiring the former presidential candidate.

“My criticism of you, notwithstanding, I cannot undermine the charisma with which you encouraged youths, poor people, urbanites on the periphery of power, and several disillusioned social groups to actively participate in Uganda’s elections. I admire and applaud you for renewing the hopes of multitudes of disenfranchised Ugandans that indeed liberation from dictator Museveni is possible. You reignited the liberation struggle. You woke up many sleeping individuals,” Nyanzi wrote.

“Your defiant challenge to dictator Museveni inspires me, even when we belong to two distinct political parties. And in you, I see deep elements of defiance that I would love to see in my sons and daughters who are your nephews and niece in our clan,” She added.

Stella Nyanzi admitted that she wants to rekindle her romance with Bobi.

“I wrote in love emphasising that my criticism of your public personna, neither negates my admiration for your charisma nor diminishes my hope in your great potential to keep alive the fight for freedom in Uganda. I love you, Bobi Wine. And I wish to mend our broken relationship,” Nyanzi admitted.

Bobi has responded to the letter, saying that he loves Nyanzi and advising her not to attack him in future social media posts.

“Dear Stella, thank you very much for this Christmas message. Like all Sengas, sometimes you’re this very annoying big sister that is so hard to live with but impossible to live without. You know I love you and even in the times were pouring scorn on me, I always tried to reach out to you because I know what unites us is bigger than what devides us. I know you love me and even when you get mad at me, eyo love yebeera ekutawaanya. I’m glad to have my sister back anti eMbogo ebeera emu. The next time we fight, it must not be on social media, it should be at our grandfather’s home in Mugulu,” Bobi replied.

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