“Africans don’t deserve Netflix and unlimited Wifi.” When people saw this, they reacted.

“Africans do not deserve Netflix or unrestricted internet access.” When people see this, they react.
The entertainment sector is incredibly diverse. It allows people to select what they want to see based on their personal tastes.
Netflix has been ranked as one of the finest movie apps. Since it offers a diverse selection of films and reality series. From time to time, certain shows and movies become more popular as a result of the large number of people who like viewing them.

Squid Game

Squid Game, a Netflix series, has recently captured the hearts of many. It is exciting and provides a lot of tension while also including a little of comedy, therefore satisfying the needs of the majority of people.

Squid-africans don't deserve unlimited Wi-Fi
Squid – africans don’t deserve Netflix or internet

Many viewers couldn’t stop talking about the show after watching it. However, some viewers have gone too far in their admiration for the show. Some African children were caught trying to play the Green light, Red light game, which is based on the Squid game. This made people chuckle since the youngsters were dressed in the same attire as the characters in the movie.

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As a result, some have said that Africans should not watch Netflix or use the internet because they have a tendency to carry things too far. However, this was not in a negative way, as many people respected how inventive Africans can be and how they can make humor out of any scenario.

Africa has a lot of untapped potential, and comedy is one of their strongest suits. Following the viewing of this image, some individuals recommended that a spoof of this film be made. Because they enjoyed it so much, a funnier version was made in Africa.

This demonstrates that entertainment has the ability to bring people together. People can talk about a movie on social media even if they don’t know each other and have a good time doing it. This was a lovely attempt by Africa to honor the Squid game, and it should be commended.

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