Singer Alien Skin Accused of Breaking Bouncer’s Jaw in Alleged Assault

It’s disheartening to hear stories of violence, especially when it involves people in the public eye. Such is the case with the recent news of Alien Skin, a Ugandan singer, being on the run after allegedly beating up a bouncer in Makindye. The incident reportedly left the bouncer with a fractured jaw and several other injuries.

According to reports, Alien Skin and his entourage of about 15 people were at the Makindye-based Vox bar on Sunday when the altercation occurred. The bouncer, Ntale Tonny, claims that he asked Alien Skin to go through the proper check-up procedure before entering the bar, but the singer defied him and punched him instead.

After the incident, Ntale filed a police case at the Kibuye police station. However, he was asked to pay Ugx 50K to have the “Sitya Danger” singer arrested, which he couldn’t afford at the time. Instead, he sought medical attention and was diagnosed with three cracked teeth, a fractured jaw, and has been forced to feed on fluids due to his inability to chew.

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It’s distressing to hear of such violence, especially when it leaves someone injured and unable to work. Ntale is demanding that Alien Skin be brought to book and that the singer should pay for his medical expenses and provide for his family. This is a reasonable demand, considering that the bouncer was the main provider for his family.

While it’s unclear what led to the altercation, it’s never okay to resort to violence, especially when there are better ways to handle disagreements. It’s essential that we all learn to communicate effectively and respect each other’s boundaries. Resorting to violence is not only harmful but also illegal and can have serious consequences.

In conclusion, it’s crucial that the authorities take action and bring Alien Skin to book. Violence should never be tolerated, and those who engage in it must be held accountable for their actions. We also need to learn to communicate better and respect each other’s boundaries, as this can go a long way in preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.


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