Serena Bata:- “I Wrecked My Job With Sipapa”

Serena Bata, a singer, regrets spending time with former manager Sipapa and believes her life would have been quite different if she had began her career with the current management.

Following reports of domestic violence, Serena Bata ended her eight-year relationship with renowned music entrepreneur Charles Olim a.k.a. Sipapa in 2020.

However, Sipapa had not only been supporting and managing her music career, but he had also made her his housewife, which had to have had an impact on her career.

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In addition, Serena Bata has expressed her regret for her relationship with Sipapa on numerous occasions. She recently said in an interview that she squandered a significant portion of her career’s pivotal period.

“I wasted a lot of time with Sipapa. It hurts me that I ruined my career in the process of loving him. Had I started (my career) with my current management, I think it would be on a different path. I regret everything.”

Serena Bata is currently managed by Abitex Promotions. And she appears to be happy with the way her career is being handled.

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In conclusion, She is optimistic about the future, and people close to her say there is a lot more fantastic music on the way.

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