Ronald Mayinja Revealed How He Felt When He Was Accused of Having HIV

Ronald Mayanja, a Ugandan singer, claims that being accused of having HIV depressed him and caused him to hate himself.

Every year on December 1st, the world observes World Aids Day, a campaign to raise awareness about the sexually transmitted disease for which there is no cure.

During the celebrations, people from all over the world come together to preach about how to avoid contracting the disease. And how to interact with those who do.

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However, several activities are always held to remember those who have died as a result of the disease. As well as those who have braved the stigma and openly revealed their HIV statuses.

Ronald Mayanja, of Golden Band Productions, has also revealed that accusations that he is HIV positive depressed him. And caused him to hate himself.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Ronald Mayinja went so far as to question whether the people who spread the allegations had evidence.

“The rumors about my HIV status got me into depression and I started to hate myself.” Ronald Mayinja

He told a story about a young girl she met backstage who came to him crying and told him he was HIV positive.

Mayinja cleared the air, stating that he is HIV-negative and urging his fans to ignore rumors about his status.

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