Rema Namakula Postpones ‘Tonyt’ Release as She Mourns Friend Evelyn Love

Rema Namakula Postpones 'Tonyt' Release as She Mourns Friend Evelyn Love

In a heartfelt gesture of respect for her dear friend Evelyn Lagu Nakabira, renowned artist Rema Namakula has made the difficult decision to postpone the release of her highly anticipated music project, ‘Tonyt.‘ Rema’s latest song, ‘Tonyt,’ has been generating considerable buzz across various media outlets, drawing praise from her international fanbase.

She had meticulously worked on its accompanying visuals and initially scheduled its release for today, September 18, 2023, at 10:00 AM, much to the excitement of her dedicated followers. However, a somber turn of events has altered the course of her plans. The tragic and untimely passing of her industry comrade, Evelyn Love Nakabira, also known as Evelyn Lagu, has left Rema deeply shocked and in mourning.

To honor the memory of Evelyn Love, who lost her battle with kidney and heart complications, Rema has decided to delay the premiere of the ‘Tonyt’ video project. Through her social media channels, she shared the news and conveyed her intention to announce a new release date in the near future. She also called upon her fans to stand in solidarity with Evelyn Love’s grieving family during these trying times.

Rema expressed her respect and love for her fallen sister in a poignant message: “Out of respect for my fallen sister Evelyn Lagu, have decided to pause Tonyt video premiere which was meant to happen in a few minutes. Will be updating you friends but in the meantime Mukama bwato bwageze. Rest well Evelyn Lagu.”

In this difficult moment, Rema Namakula’s decision to prioritize the memory of her dear friend Evelyn Love serves as a touching reminder of the enduring bonds within the music industry and the importance of showing respect and compassion in times of grief.

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