Real Reasons Behind Bizonto Comedy Group Break Up

Bizonto, a popular stand-up comedy group, has split up, according to previous report, it shows that Bizonto had split because of money. Lack of trust among the members was also another reason for the break up.

One of the motivational factors for the split, according to reports, was ego. With some members of the group feeling less superior than others.

However, shocking revelations have emerged that suggest the Bizonto split was caused by a far more complicated issue.

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It has now been revealed that two of the group’s members, Jjaja and Young Zonto, were fired after singing “Mailo land”. This song criticizes President Yoweri Museveni‘s stance on the Buganda land system.

The pair admitted that they were unaware that they had been fired until they were told to reapply to be a part of the original Bizonto Comedy group.

Listen to the song here which caused Bizonto Comedy group Breakup:

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