Public Marriage Proposal Rejections Condemned by Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has sparked controversy with her recent comments on women who turn down public marriage proposals. Winnie Nwagi criticized women who publicly reject marriage proposals, stating that it is cruel and leaves the man in a humiliating position.

In recent years, public proposals have become increasingly popular, with men embracing the western culture of asking for their partner’s hand in marriage in public spaces. However, this trend has resulted in several videos going viral showing guys in tears after their partners rejected their marriage offers. Nwagi’s comments have added fuel to the already heated debate on public proposals.

While some people argue that public proposals are a romantic gesture, others feel that they are an unnecessary public display of affection that puts unnecessary pressure on women. Moreover, many people are of the view that a marriage proposal is a personal moment that should be shared in private.

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Nwagi’s comments have also been criticized by several women who feel that it is not their responsibility to protect a man’s ego or feelings. Many women argue that they should not be forced to accept a proposal out of fear of embarrassing their partner. Moreover, some feel that public proposals are often used as a way for men to manipulate and pressure women into accepting a proposal they may not be ready for.

“Eeh.. the way women are turning down proposals lately…muli baka mbatiddee….

Ok if you dont like the guy like that….at least you can pretend and say yes, then break it down for him after leaving the place…but that kind of embarrassment is not really nic…so mean actually.

A guy out there with low self esteem would never do it even if he loves his woman….not after all these videos going around….

You gonna make these men hate proposals mutusubya. Bambi poor souls… Personally I wouldn’t do that to someone who has PUT out in such effort… I’ll rather play it cool then we sort ourselves after the most polite way possible.” Winnie Nwagi chants.

In conclusion, public proposals have become a popular trend in recent years, but they are not without controversy. While some people may view them as a romantic gesture, others feel that they put unnecessary pressure on women. Nwagi’s comments have sparked a heated debate, but ultimately the decision to accept or reject a proposal should be left to the individual. A marriage proposal is a deeply personal moment that should be shared in private, and both parties should feel comfortable and ready to take the next step.


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