Pastor Irene Manjeri Reveals Bitter Secret, Says She Was Raped To Bear Her First Son

Pastor Irene Manjeri of Bethel Healing Center Church has revealed for the first time that she was raped in order to have her first child, Isaiah.

The mother of three told NBS TV’s UnCut show that she was raped by a neighbor in the early 1990s while still living in Muyenga.

She described him as a gentleman whom she admired and who was also a Member of Parliament at the time.

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Irene Manjeri recalls being raped at the age of 23 when she asked to use an unidentified man’s phone.

He allegedly asked her to fetch it from his bedroom, and when she arrived, he forcibly had sex with her.

Pastor Irene Manjeri spoke out about the unforgettable experience in response to her ex-lover Dr. Katongole’s claims that he met her with several children.

Pastor Irene Manjeri and her children


She debunked the allegations by claiming that when Katongole met her, she had only one child.

Pastor Irene Manjeri had her first son, Isaiah, before meeting Dr. Katongole, and they were later blessed with twins.

During the interview, Pastor emphasized that Dr. Katongole has never provided anything to her children as a result of their marriage.

She revealed how, despite having dropped out of school in Primary Four, she has cared for her children solely because of the wisdom that God gave her.

She also stated that she has given up on Dr. Katongole and wants nothing to do with him. She is even destroying their wedding photos and his wedding ring.

It’s clearly remembered that Pastor Manjeri and her husband Dr. Katongole divorced in a bitter fight. Dr. Katongole claimed that his wife possesses AK47 and frequently threatened him that she has big people.

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