Pallaso Donates UGX7.5 Million to Triplets Ghetto Kids

Pallaso, also known as Pius Mayanja, the self-styled King of the East, donated UGX7.5 million to the Triplets Ghetto Kids on Monday.

He received a massive backlash from people when he joined Davido’s trend of asking his fans to donate money to him last week.

Pallaso stated that he required UGX100 million to assist in the rescue of his car, a Range Rover, from the Uganda Revenue Authority.

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Several of his ardent supporters, including his father Gerald Mayanja, sent money totaling over UGX5.4 million to the mobile money numbers he shared on his social media pages.

Over the weekend, the Team Good Music singer spent UGX1 million of the UGX5.4 million and donated it to ailing singer Oscar Byg Tym.

In addition, Pallaso topped up the remaining funds, paid a visit to the Triplets Ghetto Kids (TGK) at their home. He donated UGX7.5 million to them on Monday.

“Your donation made us feel so special. Your kindness is incredible. You have a wonderful, selfless personality. You are a fantastic fan friend and person; we are glad you are in our lives . Thank you so much for everything you do Pallaso. May the almighty bless you more and more.” Ghetto Kids thanked Pallaso

The overjoyed TGK posted videos and photos to their social media pages, acknowledging receiving the money from the famous singer.

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