P7 Candidate Commits Suicide In A Library | See Why

A young boy P7 candidate committed suicide at St. Yuda Tadeo Primary School in the Bukomansimbi district, shocking pupils, faculty, and the general public. According to sources, this pupil was charged with wooing another pupil. He received a sentence of roughly 80 strokes as a result.

He reportedly received 30 canings before being instructed to report to the headmaster’s office. However, he walked to the library and hanged himself there by placing a rope over his neck. A fellow pupil found this pupil, alerted the teachers, and they came to check it out. However, it was too late to save him; he had passed away.

After being called, police arrived on the scene. The school was roped off while the body was taken to the morgue. However, parents thronged the school’s perimeter despite being unable to enter. Even the mother of the dead stopped by, but she was prevented from going in.

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The parents began blaming the school administration for punishing their kids harshly. The child’s mother stated that she intended to go see her son, who will be taking his PLE exams next month. She had previously visited him and made all of the necessary payments.

She explained, sobbing openly, that the administrators had brazenly prevented her from entering the school. Nobody even ventured to comfort her, much less give her a precise account of how her kid died.

She was only permitted entry after the arrival of RDC Jane Francis Kagayi Kipayopayo. Ms. Kipayopayo urged educators to make an effort to foster a positive relationship with their pupils. This will make it simple for them to deal with similar issues in the future.

However, other pupils said that they were also unaware of the restrictions that their friend’s friend had breached at school. This P7 candidate went to the library after being called, tragically committed suicide there.

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