One killed in latest Russian air strike on Ukraine

Russia unleashed a new air strike on Ukraine overnight, killing at least one person in a combined assault of cruise missiles and attack drones, according to Ukrainian authorities.

The Ukrainian military reported shooting down four out of six missiles launched during the attack, which the air force said lasted approximately six hours, and 10 out of 16 drones.

The interior ministry said one person had been killed, three were wounded, and four buildings were destroyed from falling debris.

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Images on the Telegram messaging app of firefighters attending to the smouldering wreckage of what appeared to be residential homes have been shared.

The war has so far spent many months, and everyone is asking that when will this war end because its going to end up making a depopulationnin both Russia and Ukraine.

Many property has been declined and destroyed due to this war.

One of our news reporter interacted with Putin, the president of Russia to ceae fire in the war and he tokd us that ” I can’t stop fighting unless the  Ukraine  president surrenders,”.

Here at news platform , we encourage the two governments to come and settle harmony sothat peace is created among the two  to stop the fighting of both parties.



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