News Anchor Mordecai Muriisa Quits NBS Television

Mordecai Muriisa, a well-known Ugandan news anchor, reporter, and producer, resigned from NBS Television by mutual consent on March 30, 2022.

Mordecai Muriisa shared his resignation letter on Twitter on Wednesday, revealing that he is leaving to make room for other journalists at the Naguru-based media station.

Muriisa thanked Hon. Joyce Baagala for encouraging him to join Next Media Services in 2019 and Dalton Kaweesa for guiding him through his time there.

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He also thanked Next Media CEO Kin Kariisa, as well as his fellow producers and journalists at the station, for providing him with numerous opportunities.

The Poet also stated that he will continue to serve his fans and share content on a variety of issues in the country and around the world on his social media platforms.

The following is the full text of Mordecai Muriisa’s letter:

Hello my fans.

I would love to inform you that today the 30th day of March 2022, I have officially tendered in my resignation as a news anchor, reporter and producer at NBS TV by mutual agreement. Let there be no contradictions, I enjoyed my time at NBS TV from when I was hired in March 2020 to June 2021 when I traveled to the USA.

Next Media Services gave me an opportunity to shine like I always say “beyond the patterns of constellation”, it believed in me and always corrected me when I was wrong and so it is with a mix of gratitude and sadness that we call our professional union to an end for now.

While I could still use NBS TV’s platforms to serve, I have come to appreciate how important it is to create an opportunity for someone else searching for one and I believe my departure will definitely do that.

I want to extend my special appreciation to Hon. Joyce Baagala whose call to me to join Next Media Services in 2019 revealed to me how committed she was in helping someone she believed had what it takes to shine.

To the CEO Kin Kariisa who gave me green lights on every appointment I received, to the Chief Editor Dalton Kaweesa who has been a guiding campus whenever it seemed difficult for me, to the editors, producers and colleagues (in all capacities) you gave a true meaning to a jewish saying “men can meet but mountains never meet”, indeed you were nothing but cheerleaders and role models in everything I did.

To my fans who have stood with me all the way, Mordecai Muriisa Martin Jr, remains committed to serving you and sharing with you content on a number of issues in our country and the world for now on my social media platforms. To God be the Glory.

Mordecai Muriisa.

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