Nessim Advises Awards Organisers To Include Money

The fact that Ugandan award organizers don’t put money on their prizes has been criticized by many, if not all, of the country’s award winners in many fields. However, this has led to numerous artists giving up their prizes or even asking the organizers to omit them from the list.

Additionally, producers have joined the trend in addition to musicians. Nessim, one of the top producers, also spoke out on the subject and recommended the organizers to put some money in the awards.

Every winner in various categories used to receive some money back in the day, notably during the Pearl of Africa Music Awards. That’s not the situation anymore. Since there have been so many awards recently, the only thing they provide is a plaque. In light of this, acclaimed producer Nessim has advised award organizers to think about providing financial incentives in addition to plaques.

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“I urge these people that nominate us in their awards to give us some money at least. It would make much more sense if you won an award and then some money which could help you buy some machines etc. That would have a positive impact on the industry,” according to Nessim.

To be clear, the former Badi music producer did say that winning these accolades has an impact on an artist’s career, particularly in terms of popularity.

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