Nadia, the daughter of tycoon Mbire, has been caught cheating on her husband Matovu, and the shocking video has gone viral

Nadia Kabahita, also known as Mrs. Matovu, is the daughter of city tycoon Charles Mbire and was caught cheating on her husband of five years, Yassah Matovu.

The couple made headlines in 2016 for their lavish wedding in South Africa, which featured performances by artists such as Burna Boy and Trevor Campbell. The cost of her wedding gown alone was shs22 million.

Nadia Kabahita, who recently gave birth to her second child with her husband, is allegedly having more fun outside of marriage with a handsome young man named Raymond Kahuma. With whom she has been spotted on numerous occasions.

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Matovu allegedly hired people to stalk her and get him evidence that she was cheating, Nadia’s days finally got over when she was caught while having b#nking sessions with the guy.

Because of the embarrassment caused by a video taken during their good times, she deactivated her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Rumours have it that Matovu has also been spending nights with her. 

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