Musical Rivalry Meets the Boxing Ring: Pallaso vs. Alien Skin Showdown

Team Good Music artist Pallaso has expressed his willingness to engage in a professional boxing match against Alien Skin, as revealed in a recent interview.

Just a few days ago, Pallaso confronted Alien Skin at a studio in Makindye, accusing him of sabotaging his concert rehearsal. Several videos circulating on social media depict Pallaso angrily slapping Alien Skin while demanding respect.

After evading arrest by the Uganda police, who had temporarily detained him, Alien claimed that Pallaso only won their altercation because he had outnumbered him. Nevertheless, Alien asserted that Pallaso wouldn’t stand a chance against him in a one-on-one boxing challenge.

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Earlier today, during Pallaso’s second apology to Alien at Bulange Mengo, he was asked whether he would be willing to face Alien in a professional boxing match. In response, Pallaso emphasized that boxing is a recognized profession in Uganda and suggested that Alien Skin obtain a boxing license, gloves, and other necessary equipment. He further proposed that they settle their boxing feud at Nakivubogo.

Pallaso’s willingness to engage in a boxing match demonstrates his determination to resolve the conflict with Alien Skin in a physical and regulated manner. By proposing a professional boxing battle, Pallaso seeks to provide an opportunity for both himself and Alien Skin to channel their competitive energies and settle their differences outside of the music industry.

This move also highlights the popularity and cultural significance of boxing in Uganda. Boxing has a rich history in the country, with numerous talented fighters emerging from its ranks. Pallaso’s suggestion serves as a testament to the sport’s appeal and its ability to capture the attention of both artists and their audiences.

Only time will tell if Alien accepts Pallaso’s challenge and if the two will step into the boxing ring to settle their dispute. Fans of both artists eagerly await their response, as they anticipate a thrilling showdown that may ultimately bring an end to their ongoing feud.

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