Mpaka Records Makes A Statement About Dre Cali Leaving The Label

NBS television presenter Sheilah Gashumba took to Twitter to say that singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda, who also owns Mpaka Records, should sue his artist Dre Cali for illegally leaving the record label.

After promoting his music and assisting it to dominate the Ugandan airwaves, Dre Cali decided to leave the label and hide in Canada, where he allegedly obtained a 10-year VISA.

“@YkeeBenda needs to sue Drecali!! How do you waste someone’s time and money like that? Matter of fact Dre Cali is CANCELLED!!.” Sheilah Gashumba tips Ykee

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However, Mpaka Records clarified a few days ago that they have no disagreements with the singer.

 “We have since last week picked up information that Mpaka Records and Dre Cali are having a bitter split. This release is to notify the public and all our stakeholders that Mpaka Records has no existing disagreement with Dre Cali.

Mpaka Records is in close ties with Dre Cali and his family hoping to understand and clarify issues around Dre Cali’s traveling to Canada. As a business, we are committed to understanding this situation and if there is any issue it will be sorted amicably. Any other information will be shared with the press as we are able to establish an official position.” Mpaka Records made a statement.

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