More Details Emerge on Ghetto Kids And Their Debut In Britain’s Got Talent

Ghetto Kids, the renowned Ugandan dance group, made a stunning debut on the prestigious ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show on 15th April 2023. The group’s proprietor, Dauda Kavuma, has since revealed some exciting details about their appearance on the show.

The group’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent was pre-recorded towards the end of last year, well before the show’s airing. Kavuma revealed that they had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the show’s management, which required them to keep mum about their participation in the show until its official airing.

Despite the long wait, the group’s jaw-dropping performance on the show earned them a coveted Golden Buzzer, a rare feat that has cemented their place as one of the most exceptional dance groups on the international stage.

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Kavuma also noted that one of the group’s members, Patricia Nabakooza, did not take part in the auditions. The timing of the show’s recording coincided with her preparations for the UACE exams, and she had to focus on her studies.

“We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to showcase our talent on such a grand stage,” said Kavuma in the interview. “We are grateful to the Britain’s Got Talent team for believing in us and providing us with the platform to showcase our passion for dance.”

The Ghetto Kids dance group has come a long way since its inception, rising to international prominence through its unique blend of dance styles that incorporates Ugandan culture. The group has performed on several big stages across the world, including the BET Awards, and has collaborated with top international artists like French Montana and Swae Lee.

Their appearance on Britain Got Talent will undoubtedly open new doors for the group, and Kavuma is optimistic about their future prospects. “We hope to inspire young people in Uganda and across the world to pursue their dreams and never give up on their passion,” he said.

In conclusion, the appearance of Ghetto Kids on Britain’s Got Talent is a testament to their exceptional talent and passion for dance. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible group.


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