Momo 19 Blames Witchcraft For Her Misunderstandings And Breakups With Daxx Kartel

Daxx Kartel and his wife Momo 19, real name Naluwooza Moreen, have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, only a few months after their reunion, more shocking secrets are revealed.

The former BBS TV host has publicly blamed their marital problems on witchcraft, claiming that some sinister people don’t want to see them together.

Momo 19 revealed in an interview with a local YouTuber that her marriage was cursed because there are some people with bad hearts who do not wish them well.

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“Someone thought she will bewitch me and I leave Daxx Kartel. Ugandans are not easy because it was just one month after our Nikah that everything changed and we split,” Momo 19 said.

In addition, she went on to describe how problems began to pile up in her life one after the other. Because she had no one to lean on because her husband no longer wanted anything to do with her.

Momo and Daxx married in December 2020, divorced in 2021, and announced their reunion in late December 2021.

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