Bebe Cool’s Son Allan Hendrick Stings King Saha In New Matayo Song | Download

In his new song titled ‘Matayo,’ Allan Hendrick refers to King Saha as a “old fool” and advises him to stop smoking weed and attacking his father Bebe Cool.

In the artwork for his new release, Allan Hendrick photoshops one of King Saha’s photos by replacing his face with that of a monkey.

Allan Hendrick’s version of Kingslove Entertainment CEO’s song “Zakayo” is titled “Matayo.”

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King Saha released Zakayo over a month ago with a message aimed at Hendrik’s father, Bebe Cool.

Bebe and King Saha have been feuding for a long time, and it appears that Allan Hendrick wants in on the action.

Hendrick warns the UMA presidential candidate in his version not to attack people who are bigger and better than him.

He also advises King Saha to stop wasting time puffing weed, as it is negatively affecting his life in the long run.

You can hear and download matayo here;

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