List of Ugandan celebrities whose n#de videos leaked

When people are in love, they tend to do a lot of insane things, many Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked and have fallen victims. One of these is to record themselves while making love in bed. Some do it willingly while others are recorded without knowing. This in the end ends up in tears when the two tend to part and everyone takes their way. The other party which is affected releases these secrets with a reason to revenge. This is the new way lovers are using against themselves. Today I bring you a list of Ugandan celebrities whose videos and photos have been leaked.

1. Desire Luzinda

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked -Desire Luzinda - e-readmedia

This is a Ugandan singer, song writer who is based in US California, she was born on 18th August, 1988 in Ibanda, Uganda.

She has done a lot of jobs like working on a live show on WBS TV in 2005 up-to 200 and dembe FM evening drive show with Kasuku, malende and Orlando.

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Her full name is Racheal Luzinda Desire who was born by Mr. and Mrs. Luzinda. The father was a cabinet minister during Amin’s regime.

In 2014, she broke up with her lover who then circulated her n#de pictures on internet.

See Luzinda Desire n#des.

2. Zari Hassan

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked - Zari Hassan - e-readmedia

Zari Hassan commonly known as the boss lady was born on 23rd September, 1980. She is a Ugandan businesswoman and a socialite. She has married a couple of husband including the late Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond Platinums “with two kids in him.” She is one of the Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked videos.

See Zari Hassan n#des

3. Nalongo Don zella

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked - Don zella -e-readmedia

Don zella(zera) is a Ugandan socialite and musician who was once a lover to big eye. Don zella broke big eye’s heart when she said on her facebook page that her son is not his but eddy Kenzo’s. She posts her own n#des showing her big b##ty and using vulgar language while on facebook live.

Watch Son zella n#des

4. Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze.

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked - Phina mugerwa - e-readmedia

She is a Ugandan musician who faded years a go. She is also a dancer who has danced in many videos with different musicians. Her nudes were also released while twinkling her down things.

Watch video here.

5. Diana Nabatanzi

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked - Diana Nabatanzi - e-readmedia

She is a Ugandan film actor, TV presenter, radio personality and many more. There was also an allegation which she distanced herself from that the girl in the leaked video wasn’t her.

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6. John blaq

Ugandan celebrities nudes leaked  - John blaq - e-readmedia

He is a musician who brought a new style of music to Ugandan Music Industry. Recently there was an allegation that the video of him with a girl in bed was him. John blaq went ahead to distance himself saying he wasn’t the one in the video but someone who he resembles.

Watch the video to judge

7. Cindy Sanyu

Cindy is one of the oldest Ugandan female musicians who are still active in music. She is now the president of Uganda musicians Association. Years back her boyfriend Mario released Cindy n#des leaving the singer speechless.

Click here to see Cindy n#des

8. Catherine Nagawa

She is an NBS TV dancer who went ahead to trash the rumours that she was the one in the video.

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9. Judith Heard.

She is a Ugandan fashionista and a model who was crowned miss elite in Egypt this year. She stormed the social media when her n#des resurfaced the internet. Judith Heard was once arrested for releasing her n#des to internet years back.

Watch her videos here.

10. Kim London

Kim London is a socialite and a slay queen.

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