Details: King Michael Goes Bare Knuckles With Grenade Official And Jeff Kiwa

On the 24th of February 2023, the Ugandan music industry was rocked by an unfortunate incident involving two well-known artists and their manager. Singer Michael Mugwanya, better known as King Michael, reportedly beat up Jeff Kiwa, the manager of Team No Sleep (TNS), and his singer, Grenade Official.

The incident occurred at the Ggwanga Mujje concert, held at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, where Jose Chameleone headlined. Unlike other concerts, the organizers strictly enforced a policy where artists who did not attend rehearsals and were not scheduled to perform were not allowed backstage. According to music critic and Dembe FM Talk & Talk show host Jenkins Mukasa, Grenade Official and Jeff Kiwa ignored this policy and tried to enter the backstage with the hopes of performing.

It is unclear what sparked the altercation between King Michael and Grenade Official, but reports suggest that Grenade may have angered the former. The situation escalated, and King Michael reportedly physically assaulted Grenade and Jeff Kiwa. The police had to intervene to restore order, and the concert resumed as planned.

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The incident has caused shock and dismay in the music industry, with many people expressing their disappointment on social media. Some have called for the artists involved to be held accountable for their actions, while others have emphasized the need for better conflict resolution mechanisms within the industry.

While the full details of the incident are yet to emerge, it highlights the need for artists and their management teams to uphold professionalism and respect for one another. The music industry is highly competitive and can be stressful, but resorting to violence is not an acceptable way to deal with disagreements.

The incident involving King Michael, Jeff Kiwa, and Grenade Official is regrettable and should serve as a wake-up call for the Ugandan music industry. It is essential for artists, their management teams, and event organizers to work together to create a safe and respectful environment for all. This will not only foster a better working relationship but also enhance the industry’s image and growth.



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