Keko Sets the Record Straight on The Xplosion Show

Keko Sets the Record Straight on The Xplosion Show

During her recent appearance on XFM’s The Xplosion show, Keko wasted no time in addressing the rumors surrounding her relationship with fellow artist Sheebah Karungi. Having returned from Canada just a week ago, Keko candidly explained that their once-close bond had evolved due to the differing trajectories of their celebrity statuses.

With a touch of nostalgia, Keko fondly recalled one of her most cherished memories with Sheebah—their exhilarating trip to the Channel O awards in South Africa. Despite the changes in their dynamic, Keko commended Sheebah’s relentless dedication and hard work, acknowledging the pivotal role it played in Sheebah’s meteoric rise to stardom.

“Sheebah has always been so hardworking, as far as I know,” Keko remarked with admiration.

Not stopping there, Keko used her platform on The Xplosion show to clarify previous statements that had caused quite a stir among music enthusiasts. She affirmed that her remarks about Navio were in jest, assuring her fans that she held no ill will toward him. Furthermore, Keko hinted at her upcoming projects, promising new music and the possibility of a concert in the coming year.

Reflecting on the tumultuous year of 2022, during which she faced rumors of drug addiction that ignited a flurry of reactions online, Keko expressed her determination to regain her footing in the music industry. With unwavering resolve, she extended an open invitation to both established artists and emerging talents to reach out to her with their collaborative ideas.

In conclusion, Keko’s appearance on The Xplosion show served as a platform for her to set the record straight on various fronts, from her relationship with Sheebah to her intentions in the music industry. As she embarks on this new phase of her career, she welcomes fresh collaborations and eagerly anticipates what the future holds.

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