Jose Chameleone Urges Pallaso to Embrace His Musical Brilliance

Jose Chameleone Urges Pallaso to Embrace His Musical Brilliance

During the recent birthday celebration of Pallaso at a popular Kampala hangout, his older brother and Leone Island boss, Jose Chameleone, took the opportunity to offer some brotherly advice. Chameleone, a veteran in the Ugandan music industry, urged Pallaso to start showcasing his immense talent more boldly.

Pallaso, known for his exceptional musical prowess, has often kept a low profile in the music scene. However, Jose Chameleone believes that it’s high time Pallaso embraced the limelight and reveled in his stardom while he’s still at the peak of his career.

Jose Chameleone emphasized that Pallaso holds the title of the King of the East, and his musical gifts are a treasure that many aspire to possess. He pointed out that there are those who doubt Pallaso’s prowess, but they need only consult renowned artists like Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool, who can vouch for his extraordinary talent.

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In his own words, Chameleone stated, “Some people’s might are in lying, and bragging, but mine is in singing. That’s where I always want us to meet.” This sentiment underscores his belief in Pallaso’s musical abilities and the need for him to embrace self-confidence and recognition.

With this heartfelt advice from his brother and mentor, Pallaso has a golden opportunity to let the world see the musical genius that he truly is. It’s a call to action that could catapult him to even greater heights in the vibrant Ugandan music industry.

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