Jlak Unveils His Latest Musical Gem – Partner

Jlak Unveils His Latest Musical Gem - Partner

In the ever-evolving world of music, emerging artist Jlak, whose real name is Joshua Mukisa, continues to make waves with his latest release, “Partner.” This vibrant song marks the third addition to his steadily expanding music portfolio.

Jlak’s journey into the music industry commenced in 2019, a year that held promise until the COVID-19 pandemic struck, dealing a severe blow to his fledgling career. However, he displayed unwavering determination, refusing to let adversity deter his musical aspirations.

Hailing from Kajansi Wakiso and born on July 1, 2001, Jlak’s early years were infused with a deep passion for singing and songwriting, which eventually led him down the path of pursuing his dreams.

In 2022, as the pandemic’s grip on the world loosened, Jlak seized the opportunity to reignite his musical flame. He inked a deal with the renowned Jos Entertainment record label, propelling him further into the limelight.

Under the label’s guidance, Jlak made his debut with “Love Fire,” followed by “Walya.” However, it is his latest track, “Partner,” that is currently stealing the spotlight. This song Partner effortlessly blends elements of love and dance, with Jlak passionately pleading for affection from his enigmatic lover.

Behind the scenes, the audio production was masterfully handled by T.O.N, while Herbert Skills took charge of the mastering process. The accompanying visuals were expertly captured by Sasha Vybz Productions.

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