Jackie Chandiru Says She Needs More Time To Find The Right Partner And Have Children

Only singer Jackie Chandiru has yet to have children, while both Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi have a couple of children all from Blu*3.

When asked if she has children, Jackie Chandiru stated that despite her advanced age, she has yet to give birth.

She then explained that she put off having children because she spent seven years in rehab battling drug addiction.

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The singer went on to say that she would love to have a partner, but she is taking her time to find the right person with whom she would have a child.

Chandiru also stated that when she returned from rehab, she was afraid of falling in love because she had been hurt, which is why she is still single and not looking.

She added that she wants to take things slowly so that she does not end up in hot water like in the past.

I spent seven years in the hospital. When I got out, I had a lot of fear and felt scared of doing certain things like falling in love.

Apparently, am taking time till I find the right partner so I can give birth and I don’t regret it. I am a person now after all my troubles, every step that I take I don’t want to regret.

I am not seeing someone yet. I am single but not searching and I am contented for now though I would love to have someone I talk to.

For the wedding issues not now, I have to take everything step by step.

Jackie Chandir

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