Hamisa Mobetto: From Model to Musician, and Back to Hobbyist

Hamisa Mobetto, the Tanzanian actress, socialite, model, and businesswoman has recently come out to say that her venture into music was never meant to be a long-term career but rather just a hobby. Even though she did release a few songs that got good airplay, she acknowledges that her success was due to her lifestyle rather than her music.

Speaking to the media in Nairobi, Hamisa Mobetto revealed that she never intended to pursue music as a full-time career. “I don’t see myself having a long musical career. I do music for fun, it’s a hobby. I had intended for my music career to have a short life span,” she said.

Hamisa Mobetto admitted that she started recording music just for the fun of it and that she enjoys doing it as a hobby. While she has achieved success with her music on YouTube, she has no plans of turning it into a long-term career.

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“I wanted to do like one or two songs. I accomplished what I wanted. In life, you are given a chance to do what you want to do, and if you are happy with it, then that’s you,” she added.

Hamisa Mobetto who once dated Diamond Platnumz, has now confirmed that she has quit music, having accomplished what she set out to do with just two songs. She believes that music is just a hobby and something she does for fun, and therefore, she doesn’t see any challenges in pursuing it.

Many critics have suggested that Hamisa Mobetto’s success in music is more attributed to her lifestyle rather than her actual talent. However, she is happy with the success she has achieved so far and is content with leaving music behind as a hobby.

In conclusion, Hamisa Mobetto’s story is a reminder that pursuing a hobby doesn’t always have to lead to a long-term career. Sometimes, it’s just about enjoying what you do and achieving what you set out to do.

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