Esther And Ezekiel Mutesasira Continues To The Next Level In Canada’s Got Talent, Their Mother Confesses She Is Gay

Julie Birungi, Better Known as Julie Mutesasira, a Former Gospel Singer, Has Revealed That She is a Lesbian following Esther and Ezekiel performance.

The confession came while her children, Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira (13 and 17 years old), were competing on Canada’s Got Talent and had advanced to the next level after a fantastic performance! Remember that the siblings are the reigning East Africa’s Got Talent Champions.

In an interview prior to the competition, Pastor Steven Mutesasira‘s ex-wife stated:

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“I decided to leave Uganda because I came out… for my own safety! Being a gay woman married to a pastor in Uganda is an abomination.” Julie Mutesasira commented.

Watch Esther And Ezekiel Mutesasira Perform

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