Doreen Kabareebe – “Your Criticism Won’t Drive Me to Suicide”


Doreen Kabareebe, a well-known Ugandan model, has expressed her displeasure with bloggers who mocked her for using a boda boda as a mode of transportation just days after she claimed she doesn’t eat beans. “I’ll Keep Using Boda Bodas to Critics.”

Two photographs of Doreen were grid together, one taken while Doreen Kabareebe was presenting a show on Galaxy FM and the other while she was seated on a boda boda that same day.

“Lady who said she can’t date a man who doesn’t have a car, degraded mercilessly after being spotted on an okada.” The title of the story reads.

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Many people mocked the model, claiming that she portrays a good life on social media while living in poverty in real life.

A Nigerian news website ran a story about the photos.

Doreen Kabareeba on a Boda Boda

The model is devastated by the criticism, so she responded with a social media post debunking the notion that she is high maintenance.

“All those that know me are busy laughing at the “high maintenance claims” as put by some media houses. I am down to earth and I don’t mind using any means of transportation. I will keep using Okadaz as long as they help me get to my given destination on time,” She said.

Furthermore, Kabarebe has warned bloggers, media outlets, and social media users against bullying.

“We are aware negative news sells but mind about the feelings of those you try to tarnish. Not every public figure is strong enough to handle stress coming from false claims. Imagine people coming up with their own phrase to suit the okada picture.

“Well, people deal with stress differently, those that are weak can easily result in drugs or even committing suicide. Please let’s develop love in our hearts. One who has love can never share images that bring another person down. Either way, no one is immortal. We will all die,” Kabarebe.

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Kabarebe recently made headlines when she revealed that she does not eat beans.

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