Confirmed: Bruno K Is the Father of Vanessa Kirabo’s Son Seth

According to recent reports, singer Bruno Kiggundu, also known as Bruno K, has been confirmed as the biological father of Vanessa Kirabo Atuhaire’s son, Seth Kiggundu, following DNA tests.

The saga began in March when Kirabo went public about Bruno K’s alleged child neglect. She claimed that she had dated the singer since 2018 and gave birth to their son, but he denied it and refused to provide financial support. Kirabo was initially hesitant to carry out DNA tests but eventually allowed them after family members persuaded her.

On Friday, NBS TV presenter Issac ‘Kaiyz’ Kawalya revealed on Twitter that the DNA test results had confirmed Bruno K as the father of Seth. “Breaking! Finally, the recently tested DNA results are back and the child is owned, and fathered by singer Bruno K and Vanessa,” Kaiyz’s tweet read.

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Although further details have yet to emerge, netizens have already expressed their opinions on the matter, urging Bruno K to accept the results and take responsibility for his son’s upbringing.

This revelation has certainly been a dramatic turn of events in Bruno K’s personal life. However, it also raises important questions about the consequences of denying paternity and failing to provide for one’s child.

It’s unfortunate that it took a public scandal and DNA tests to confirm Bruno K’s paternity, but hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for him and other men who may be in a similar situation. Fathers have a legal and moral obligation to provide for their children, regardless of whether they are in a relationship with the child’s mother.

In conclusion, DNA tests have confirmed that Bruno K is the biological father of Vanessa Kirabo’s son, Seth. This highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and fulfilling one’s obligations as a parent. We hope that this will serve as a lesson to others who may be in a similar situation and encourage them to do the right thing for the sake of their children.

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