Brisher Kash is rotting in Namungoona Police cell

Ugandans woke up to the sad news alleging that their beloved and popular TikTok queen, Brisher Kash, slept in a police cell last night.

According to the reporters of the e-read media news told us that “Brisher faced arrest on Friday at the Power King Hotel, where she had to make her insane performance. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan for her that night.

She had monetary misunderstandings with the manager, who was pissed by Alien Skin’s failure to show up. Brisher, who was somehow drunk, threw and broke a desktop computer.

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Brisha Kash, who is detained at Namungoona Police Station, needs Uganda shillings 3,000,000 to be released out of the cell.

According to a social media in-laws report, they have urged their friends to contribute this money to ensure that their favorite content creator is out of the cells.

Brisher Kash was born in Makindye, and she started my music career primarily abroad, mainly in Saudi Arabia. This is where she was working as a house manager, and from that, her fans branded her their favorite Kadama.

Finally, we call upon everyone to pray for her and also contribute some money to ensure that the best female tiktoker and content creator in Uganda is out of prison.

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