Big Eye Starboss Arrested At National Theatre In A Nasty Manner

Police arrested and detained musicians Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye Starboss and Omukunjja Atasera at National Theatre.

The two were arrested for causing a commotion in response to the postponement of the Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA) elections.

According to the videos we’ve seen, UMA General Secretary aspirant Omukunjja Atasera appears to have been injured by police while being arrested.

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Omukunjja cries out to police in one of the videos, pleading to be handled properly so that the officers do not break his arm.

He was surrounded by police officers, who bundled him onto a waiting vehicle and whisked him away to the nearest police station, which is thought to be the CPS.

Big Eye Starboss, another singer, was also bundled onto the waiting Police truck as he protested his arrest.

He asked police officers not to beat him up while climbing the truck because some of them had started thumping him while boarding the truck.

It should be remembered that Big Eye decided to hold a protest for UMA elections to take place in long post he made.

“Good morning comrades, To all Ugandans, we should come out and fight for our rights. Minister Betty Amongi has no right to stop UMA elections. UMA is a private organization for musicians but not a government institution. Where was she before when UMA POLICY BOARD started to organize these elections. She has now become a ZAKAYO to UMA because she is jumping on a moving bicycle. The mission here is to frustrate UMA and disorganize it for a hidden reason we don’t know. The voting is this Tuesday 28th June 2022 at the National theater. Let all of us be there at 10AM and vote. Thank you,” Big Eye Starboss cleared the public.

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