Bebe Cool sets the record straight on UACE Results and academic background

The ongoing feud between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine has been well-documented, with both musicians taking shots at each other in public. One of the areas of contention has been their academic qualifications, with Bebe claiming to be the more educated of the two. However, critics have pointed out that Bebe never completed his A-level studies.

During a recent appearance on Baba TV’s Ganga Muka show, Bebe finally cleared the air on his academic background. He revealed that he obtained nine points in his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) exams and went on to sit for his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams, where he scored five points in a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM).

“I studied at Makerere College School with Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, although he was a year ahead of me,” Bebe said.

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When asked about dropping out of school, Bebe Cool admitted that he did leave before completing his A-level studies. However, he stated that he had already received his pass slip and had given it to his mother before leaving the country to pursue his music career.

“I gave my A-level pass slip to my mother, and I went to Kenya to do music. That’s where I started my career,” Bebe said.

Bebe’s revelation puts to rest the debate on his academic qualifications. While he may not have completed his A-level studies, he did score well in his UCE and UACE exams, proving that he has some level of academic achievement.

It remains to be seen whether Bebe’s academic background will have any impact on his music career. However, it is clear that he takes pride in his education and believes that it sets him apart from his rivals in the music industry.

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