Maurice Kirya Releases New Dancehall Song Dubbed Bbuba | Video

Have you ever wondered how you can ever get up and dance to a song about a lovelorn, jealous man? Try “Bbuba” by Maurice Kirya instead.

The song, which was produced by Samuel Bisaso, has a fast tempo to start, and if you are not moving your body by minute 0:25, something is probably very wrong with you. Just passing along…

In the song, Maurice Kirya sings about how he is jealous of her lover using the Luganda word “Bbuba,” which can be translated to mean “Jealousy.”

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In addition, he acknowledges having a little too much love for his wife and not wanting her to be around any other men. The question of whether the lyrics were influenced by actual events or not is one for another day.

The visuals, which were shot and directed by Grate Make Films, feature a straightforward Caribbean setting. It increases your appreciation of Maurice Kirya’s distinctive taste.

In terms of the choreography, Uncle Walter excels.

Look down below for Bbusa visuals by Maurice Kirya;

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