Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba on Moral Fight against Homosexuality Challenges Parliament

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stephen Kaziimba, has called for bravery in the fight against homosexuality. The head of the Church made the remarks during the consecration of the new Bishop of Northern Karamoja Diocese, Simon Akol Aisu, at St Peter’s Cathedral.

The Archbishop emphasized that this is not a political issue but a moral one, and stated that Parliament is already supporting their position. The process of splitting from the Church of England is ongoing due to disagreements over homosexuality, with the Archbishop stating that they will remain African Christians.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Thomas Tayebwa, represented President Museveni at the consecration and applauded the Church of Uganda for their stance against same-sex marriages. He stated that Parliament would not legislate in support of homosexuality and lesbianism, and emphasized that the Church of Uganda has the support of not only the government and Parliament, but also non-believers.

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Bishop Aisu, who replaces Bishop Emeritus James Nasak, also spoke out against same-sex marriages, stating that it goes against the Church doctrine of a man marrying a man. He emphasized that partners who want to work with the Church must first examine themselves and see if they align with the Church’s values.

Bishop Simon Akol Aisu was born in 1964 and was raised by a widow after losing his father and all his family’s livestock in the wars between the Pian and the Pokotat Loteeleit in Pian County. He accepted God as his personal savior during a youth conference in 1981 and was ordained a deacon in 1993 and a priest in 1995. He is married with seven children.

In conclusion, the Church of Uganda, represented by Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba and Bishop Aisu, is taking a firm stance against homosexuality and has called for bravery in the fight against it. The government and Parliament have expressed their support for the Church’s position, and the process of splitting from the Church of England is ongoing. The Church is determined to uphold its values and doctrine, and will not compromise on its beliefs and values.

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