Angry Promoter Bajjo Calls Ugandan Artistes Pigs

The event promoter, Andrew Alfonso Mukasa, commonly known as Bajjo, bemoaned calling Ugandan musicians “pigs.” The promoter published a list of customary booking fees for each to appear at a music event, which sparked this nasty conflict between Bajjo and Musicians.

Promoter Bajjo asserts that business-illiterate, in Bajjo Bajjo asserts that business-illiterate, in Bajjo, Ugandan artists from They don’t even have excellent music, and all they worry about is the money they get. Because they deserve it, have no idea what they want, and are just stuck, angry Bajjo called Ugandan artists who disrespect him “PIGS.”

“Ugandan artists are basically pigs since they have no singing skills and have no idea how the industry even works. They believe they are incredibly exceptional when we pay them a lot of money and they come. They don’t realize that we become weary of them, too, which is why I’m here to inform them that they are not exceptional,” said Promoter Bajjo.

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It should be mentioned that, apart from government employees, the music business in Uganda is one of the highest paid industries.

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